MPOWER Foundation

Empowering the underserved through investments in global research, policy, and social entrepreneurship.

About Us

The MPOWER Foundation is the philanthropic investment arm of the MPOWER Group. With a focus on social entrepreneurship, the foundation makes non-profit venture investments into programs that empower underserved communities around the world. The current portfolio seeks to improve access to financial services and better enable individuals to achieve long-term financial empowerment. The MPOWER Foundation awards grants by invitation only.

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Featured Investee

The Empowerment Lab at the Center for International Development, Harvard University

Inclusion into a market economy is a crucial component of individual economic welfare. This is perhaps most apparent in the global financial sector, which has had little to offer to the majority of the world. To further global research on this subject, the MPOWER Foundation has provided a $3 million initial investment to launch The Empowerment Lab at CID.

The Empowerment Lab funds research and activities that explore what limits the reach of markets and how to overcome those obstacles. By systematically examining what works and what doesn't, The Empowerment Lab identifies innovations that enable individuals and communities to take control and improve their own lives.